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The early days of women's football in Lancashire were dominated by the exploits of one team in particular - the Dick, Kerr Ladies FC, which has been the subject of books by Gail Newsham1, and Barbara Jacobs2. These give a fascinating account of the foundation and history of this club. Neither book however gives a detailed record of their footballing exploits. It is to fill in this missing detail that I have created this section. The club was in existence for 75 years, so naturally this is a major task which will take some time. I will be updating the record whenever time permits, but if anyone is able to add information I would be grateful if they would contact me.

The Dick, Kerr Ladies Football Club was named after the company for which many of them worked - Dick, Kerr and Co. in Preston, Lancs. The firm came into being in 1883 with the merger of W.B. Dick and Co. and John Kerr. Based in Kilmarnock, it manufactured locomotives and rolling stock, and in 1893 it took over the premises of Hartley, Arnoux and Fanning in Preston.3 In common with most engineering enterprises it converted part of its premises to the manufacture of shells during the First World War, and took on a large number of women workers.

According to Newsham1, the ladies' football team developed out of lunch time kickabouts with the firm's young apprentices. Their first game against female opposition took place at Deepdale, the home of Preston North End, on Christmas Day 1917, when they defeated the ladies of Coulthard's Foundry 4-0, raising £488 7s 0d for the Moor Park Hospital in the process. In doing so they were following a well-trodden path - munition girls' football games in aid of charity had become well established and highly popular during the course of 1917 4

Dick, Kerr and St Helen's Ladies in 1921

Dick, Kerr and St Helen's - 1921

Kerr Ladies Baines card

A Baines series card issued circa 1920
(I am not aware of any other ladies' team being commemorated in this way)

A number of myths are in general circulation regarding the club. Firstly, they were not the first women's team to take to the field in Lancashire during the Great War. The Lancashire United Transport Company based in Atherton had a team as early as 1915. Secondly, neither were they the first to play at Deepdale; the girls of the Preston Army Pay Corps played there in 1916. Thirdly, it is untrue that they were never defeated; they suffered their first defeat at the hands of Lancaster Ladies just one month after their debut in Preston, and other teams were to get the better of them in the following years. Fourthly, they were not "World Champions" - no world championship existed at the time. Finally, although it is true that they won many silver cups, these did not result from winning a tournament, but were awarded for single matches. When, in 1922, the English Ladies' Football Association staged the first truly national challenge cup competition for women, Dick, Kerr did not enter, and actually lost to the cup winners, Stoke Ladies, in September 1923. How then did their name become almost synonymous with the women's game?

The answer to this question lies in (a) the remarkable record they established in the immediate post-war period, before women's football was banned by the Football Association in 1921, (b) their determination to keep playing for the next half-century and more, as other women's teams came and went, and (c) their charismatic manager, Alfred Frankland, whose showmanship, which sometimes involved outrageous claims such as "The World's Champions 1917-1923", ensured that the team played at the best available venues and attracted huge crowds wherever they went.

Stoke Ladies at ColneStoke Ladies at Colne
Stoke Ladies at ColneStoke Ladies at Colne

(photographs courtesy of Jane and Peter Bridgett)

Dick Kerr Ladies

Dick, Kerr Ladies - 1923
The rear of this cigarette card states, "Dick Kerrs unbeaten Ladies International Football Team 1921-1922".
According to Gail Newsham the location is Cardiff Arms Park in 1923.

Dick, Kerr Ladies FC in 1925

Dick, Kerr Ladies - 1925

Dick, Kerr v France programme 1952Dick, Kerr v France programme 1953

Thirty years on, and the ladies were still unwelcome at Football League grounds, even for international matches

The Dick Kerr Ladies became a legend, and rightly so. It would be superfluous to relate their full history here; others have already done so in the two books previously mentioned, which I recommend to anyone wanting to learn more about the history of this remarkable team.

The club also featured in a number of Pathe newsreels. To view these films go to (you will need to register) and select the "Advanced Search" option. In the "Filter by source" panel deselect all except British Pathe. Enter the reference number of the film in the search box and click on "Search". When the search function returns the clip click on the title (not the icon). This will display a descriptive page with some still shots. To view the clip click on "View this Story."

ReferenceFilm TitleDetails
BP26042021003Women Footballers55 seconds silent coverage of unnamed teams in 1920 - appears to be Dick Kerr and Fémina.
BP20122022436Soccer by Searchlight1 minute 2 seconds silent coverage of floodlit match in 1920
BP28042123225Dick Kerr Ladies International Team1 minute 13 seconds silent coverage of Dick Kerr v Ellesmere Port Cement Works, New Brighton, 1921
BP18092228231 Dick Kerr's ladies football (aka Good Luck - Girls!)1 minute 3 seconds silent coverage of the team leaving for Canada in 1922.
BP25052283412Eve and the Noble Art1 minute 59 seconds silent coverage of team training session in 1922, including boxing scenes.
BP17112124807Ladies Football Match47 seconds silent coverage showing Georges Carpentier kicking off the Dick Kerr v Yorkshire match at Hull, 19th March 1921.
BP17022122835Fun and Football for Charity1 minute silent coverage of Dick Kerr v Harry Weldon's XI in 1921
BP14052539602British Girls beat French Girls1 minute 8 seconds silent coverage of Dick Kerr v Fémina at Herne Hill, 11th May 1925.
BP00000076201Playing Adam's Game2 minutes 1 second silent coverage of team in training - date unknown.
BP26042021003Girl Goal Getters2 minutes 15 seconds coverage with sound commentary of team training session in 1944

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Summary of matches reported in the press

The following are the details of 130 matches I have so far uncovered. I should like to thank the American Soccer Archives and Jean Williams for information on the 1922 tour of the United States, during which the team was frequently billed as Newcastle United Ladies. I should also like to thank Hervé Morard for information on the 1925 tour by Fémina.


1917-12-25Dick, Kerr 4
Coulthard's 0
Played at Deepdale, Preston, before 10,000 spectators, raising £488 7s 0d for the Moor Park Hospital
scorers: Whittle, Birkins, Rance (2)
Dick, Kerr (b/w stripes): E. Clayton, B. Traynor, E. Nixon, E. Birkins, A. Kells, M. Kay, A. Standing, G. Whittle, F. Rance, F. Redford, L. Jones
Coulthards (r/w stripes): A. Sumner, May Coates, N. Charnley, J. Rangeley, L. Forshaw, F. Proudfoot, G. Fitzgerald, L. Atkinson, L. Rayton, L. Billington


1918-01-26Lancaster Girls 1
Dick, Kerr 2
Played at Lancaster (?)
scorers: Jones (2); Harris for Lancaster
1918-02-09Barrow YWCA 1
Dick, Kerr 1
Played at Barrow
scorers: Beck for Barrow, Rance for Dick Kerr
1918-02-23Dick, Kerr 1
Lancaster 1
Played at Deepdale before 5,000 spectators
scorers: Durham for Lancaster, Kell for Dick, Kerr
Dick, Kerr: L. Clayton, Nixon, Traynor, Birkins, Kell, Kay, Standing, Redford, Rance, Mitchell, Jones
Lancaster: A. Hastie, J. Bowe, H. Spencer, M. Turner, J, Walmsley, M. Hailwood, M. Walker, M. Durham, J. Harris, M. Hodson, J. Haygarth
1918-03-09Dick, Kerr 2
Barrow YWCA 0
Played at Deepdale before 2,000 spectators
scorers: Standing, Mitchell
Dick, Kerr: Clayton, Nixon, Crozier, Birkins, Redford, Traynor, Standing, Hyton, Rance, Mitchell, Jones
Barrow: Hopley, Rawlinson, Burrows, Watterson, Horsfield, Crook, Harrison, Sadler, Stevens, Morgan, Prince
1918-03-29Dick, Kerr v
Mrs Vizard's XI (Bolton)
Played at Deepdale
1918-05-18Dick, Kerr 2
Liverpool Ladies 1
Played at Deepdale
scorers: Birkens, Mitchell for Dick Kerr; Clayton for Liverpool
1918-06-22Liverpool Ladies 0
Dick, Kerr 1
Played at the New Brighton Tower Grounds
1918-09-07Dick, Kerr 1
Vickers Barrow 0
Played at Deepdale
scorer: Walker
1918-09-21Whitehaven 1
Dick, Kerr 1
Played at Whitehaven
scorers: Wilson for Whitehaven, Redford for Preston
1918-10-05Dick, Kerr 7
South Lancashire Tramways Ladies 0
Played at Deepdale, before 1,500 spectators
Dick, Kerr: Clayton, Traynor, Crozier, Birkins, Kell, Mitchell, Standing, Walker, Redford, Jones, Richards
Tramways: Nixon, Moore, Ganley, T Cummings, Coleman, Shovelton, C Cummings, Hadfield, Walker, Spencer, Wood
scorers: Redford (4) Walker, Jones, Mitchell
1918-10-19Dick, Kerr 0
Whitehaven 2
Played at Deepdale.
Dick, Kerr: Clayton, Traynor, Crozier, Perkins, Kell, McAvoy, Walker, Standing, Redford, Jones, Mitchell
Whitehaven: Cowie, Spedding, Alwood, Robinson, Whirity, Field, Low, Cunningham, Wilson, Walmsley, Milne
scorer: Wilson 2 (1 pen)
1918-11-23Dick, Kerr 4
Manchester Ladies 0
Played at Deepdale. The Manchester Ladies were from the British Westinghouse Works.
1918-11-30Lancaster NPF Ladies 2
Dick, Kerr 1
Played at Lancaster?
1918-12-21Dick, Kerr 0
Lancaster Ladies 1
Played at Deepdale
1918-12-25Dick, Kerr v
Bolton Ladies


1919-01-11Dick, Kerr v
Bolton Athletic Ladies
Played at Deepdale (Preston North End). The Bolton Ladies were led by Mrs Vizard and were emploted at the Ministry of Munitions)
1919-01-25Dick, Kerr 5
Heywoods Ladies 1
Played at Deepdale
1919-03-08Dick, Kerr 1
Newcastle Girls 0
Played at Deepdale before 5,000 spectators, raising £179 for charity.
scorer: Mitchell
Dick, Kerr (black and white): Hastie, Kell (capt.), Hulme*, Rawsthorne*, Warmsley, Jones, Walker, Harris, Mitchell, Partington*, Redford; reserves: Crawshaw, Standing, Arnold and Dickinson
Newcastle (claret and white): Sarah Atkinson, Catherine Egan, Lizzie Gibson, Bella Willis (capt.), Cissie Short, Lizzie Form, Mary Dorrian, Nellie Kirk, Winnie McKenna, Mary Lyons, Minnie Seed
Although billed as Newcastle Girls several players came from other parts of the North-East
* Rawsthorne, Hulme and Partington were drafted in from Bolton Ladies
1919-03-29Dick, Kerr 2
Bolton Ladies 0
Played at Yarrow Bridge, Chorley.
scorers: Redford, Harris
1919-04-12Dick, Kerr 6
Horwich Ladies 0
(venue not reported)
1919-04-22Newcastle Girls 0
Dick, Kerr 0
Played at St James's Park before 25-30,000 spectators.
Newcastle: Florrie Holmes, Grace Battista, Catherine Egan, Bella Willis (capt.), Martha O'Brien, Lizzie Form, Mary Dorrian, Winnie McKenna, Bella Reay, Mary Lyons, Minnie Seed.
Dick Kerr: Hastie, Hulme, Kell (capt.), Jones, Walmsley, Rawthorne, Redford, Partington, Harris, Standing, Walker.
1919-05-10Dick, Kerr v
Bolton Ladies
Played at Farington Villa Ground, Leyland
1919-05-17Dick, Kerr v
St Helen's Ladies
Played at Springfield Road, Wigan.
Dick Kerr: Hastie, Kell, Hulme, Arnold, Walmsley, Jones, Walker, Standing, Mitchell, Harris, Redford
St Helen's: Wane, Wilkinson, Ogden, Swidt, Johnson, N Gee, Knabber, Carter, Woods, Waring, Swift
1919-05-29Dick, Kerr 7
Lancashire Ladies XI
Played at Deepdale
Dick Kerr: Hastie, Kell (capt), Traynor, Arnold, Walmsley, Jones, Walker, Standing, Mitchell, Harris, Redford
Lancashire XI: Walmsley, Rawsthorne (Mrs Vizard's XI - capt), Hulme (Mrs Vizard's XI), Yates (Manchester), Higson (Bolton Bond), Bennett (Heywood), Haslam (Mrs Vizard's XI), Swift (St Helen's), Woods (Sutton Oak, St Helen's), Swift (St Helen's), Partington (Mrs Vizard's XI)
1919-05-31Dick, Kerr Greens 4
Dick, Kerr Stripes 5
Played at Euxton Park before 500 spectators


1920-02-07Liverpool 2
Dick, Kerr 0
Played at Euxton in aid of the local War Memorial Fund
scorer: Woods (2)
1920-03-13Dick, Kerr 4
Liverpool Ladies 2
Played at Leyland
scorers: Mitchell (2), Harris, Jones for Dick, Kerr; Woods (2) for Liverpool
1920-03-23Dick, Kerr 5
Liverpool Ladies 0
Played at Turf Moor, Burnley before 6,000 spectators, raising £450 for the Discharged Soldiers and Sailors Association.
Dick Kerr: Hastie, Kell, Crozier, Dickinson, Walmsley, L Jones, Mitchell, Harris, Redford
Liverpool: Lewis, Burrows, Clayton, Green, Johnson, Thomas, Swift, Hayes, Woods, Tyson, Williamson
scorers: Harris (3), Mitchell, Walmsley
1920-04-30Dick, Kerr 2
French XI 0
Played at Deepdale before 22,000 spectators
scorers: Florrie Redford, Jennie Harris
1920-05-01Dick, Kerr 5
French XI 2
Played at Stockport before 15,000 spectators
scorers: Redford (2), Walmsley, Wood for Dick Kerr; Laloz and Bracquemond for France
1920-05-05Dick, Kerr 1
French XI 1
Played at Hyde Road, Manchester before 3,000 spectators.
1920-05-06Dick, Kerr 1
French XI 2
Played at Stamford Bridge.
Dick, Kerr: Hastie, Kell, Halme, Crozier, Nixon, Jones L., Clayton, Jones E., Woods, Harris, Redford
France: Duray, Rimbaux, Pomiès, Brule, Bracquemond, Delpierre, Milliat, Patuneau, Laloz, Billac, Regal
1920-05-22Dick, Kerr v
St Helen's
Played at Ewood Park, Blackburn.
1920-06-12Dick, Kerr 5
Mid-Cheshire Ladies 0
Played at Lostock Hall, Cheshire.
1920-06-26Dick, Kerr 3
Verdon & Cooks Ladies 0
Played at Crewe Alexandra before 5,000 spectators, raising £227 5s for the local hospital
1920-08-21Dick, Kerr 3
Mid-Cheshire Ladies 0
Played at Lostock Hall, Cheshire.
1920-08-28Dick, Kerr v
Mid-Cheshire Ladies
Played at Chorley.
1920-08-28Dick, Kerr 6
St Helen's Ladies 0
Played at Woodville Lane, Morecambe, before 1,000 spectators in aid of the Dscharged Soldiers and Sailors Association.
scorers: Harris (3), Redford (2), Woods
1920-09-11Dick, Kerr 7
Sutton Oak Ladies 0
Played at Harrogate before 3,000 spectators.
scorers: Harris (3), Redford (2), Clayton (2)
1920-09-29England (Dick, Kerr) 7
Ireland 0
Played at Blackpool in aid of the British Red Cross Society.
1920-10-09Dick, Kerr v
St Helen's Ladies
Played at Accrington raising £361.
1920-10-31French XI 1
Dick, Kerr 1
Played at Pershing Stadium, Paris before 22,000 spectators
1920-11-01French XI 0
Dick, Kerr 2
Played at Parc Jean Dubrulle, Roubaix before 10,000 spectators
France: Ourry (Fémina), Guillé (En Avant), Rimbaux (Fémina), Rigal (En Avant), Viani (En Avant), Pomiès (Fémina), Th. Brulé (Fémina), Delapierre (Fémina), Bracquemond (En Avant), G. Laloz (En Avant), Th. Laloz ((En Avant)
Dick, Kerr: Hastie, Kell (cap), Parr, Woods, Walmsley, Hulme, Haslam, Lyons, Redfort, Harris, Clayton
1920-11-06French XI 0
Dick, Kerr 6
Played at Stade de la Cavée Verte, Le Havre before 6,000 spectators.
France : Ourry, Guillé, Rimbaux, Rigal, Pomiès, Viani , Delapierre, Th. Brulé, Bracquemond (cap), Jeanniot, Th. Laloz.
Dick Kerr : Hastie, Kell (cap), Parr , Woods, Walmsley, Hulme, Haslam, Lyons, Redford, Harris, Clayton.
1920-11-07French XI 0
Dick, Kerr 2
Played at the Lilas stadium, Rouen before 14,000 spectators
1920-11-20Dick, Kerr 4
St Helen's 0
Played at Leicester before 12,000 spectators, raising £730 gate money + £50 auction receipts for the Leicester fund for the unemployed
scorers: Harris, Redford (3)
1920-11-23Dick Kerr 7
Verdin Cooke's XI 0
Played at Turf Moor, Burnley for the benefit of the local Cricket Club
(J Verdin Cooke & Co. was a firm of salt merchants based in Middlewich)
1920-12-11Dick Kerr 12
Verdin Cooke's XI 0
Played at Seed Hill, Nelson, Lancashire
1920-12-16Dick, Kerr 4
Rest of England 0
Played at Deepdale by the light of two military searchlights and 40 carbide lamps, raising £600 for the ex-Servicemen's Distress Fund.
scorers: Harris (2), Redford, Lyons
1920-12-27Dick, Kerr 4
St Helen's 0
Played at Goodison Park before 46,000 - 53,000 spectators (reports vary), raising in excess of £3,000 for charity.


1921-01-01Dick, Kerr 17
Rest of Lancashire 0
Played at Low Moor, Clitheroe before 3,000 spectators, in aid of the village War Memorial Fund.
1921-01-15Dick, Kerr 12
Bath Ladies 0
Played at Old Trafford
scorers: Parr (4), Redford (3), Walmsley (2), Mills (2), Harris
1921-01-29Dick, Kerr 8
St Helen's 1
Played at Macclesfield raising £300 for the local ex-Servicemen's Institute
scorers: Harris (5), Radford, Mills, Haslam; Swift for Macclesfield
Dick, Kerr: Hastie, Kell, Hulme, Woods, Walmsley, Clayton, Haslam, Harris, Redford, Mills, Parr
1921-02-05Dick, Kerr 7
St Helen's 0
Played at the Seedhill ground, Nelson, in aid of the RAOB Poor Children's Fund
Dick, Kerr: A Hastie, A Kell, D Clayton, A Woods, J Walmsley, L Lee, F Haslam, J Harris, F Redford, A Mills, L Parr
St Helen's: E Waine, M Makin, F Gee, E Britch, M Ransome, S Fairclough, A Swift, N Swift, S Heyes, S Roden, E Woods
scorers: L. Parr (3), Redford (3), Harris
1921-02-08Dick, Kerr 10
Rest of Lancashire 0
Played at Stalybridge Celtic before 12,000 spectators, raising £600 in aid of the Ashton-under-Lyne Infirmary
scorers: Redford (3), Parr (3), Mills (2), Haslam (2), Harris
(the RoL team was mostly St Helen's)
1921-02-09Dick, Kerr 4
St Helen's 0
Played at Chester before 8,000 spectators in aid of the Discharged Soldiers and Sailors Association
scorers: Harris (2), Redford (2)
1921-02-14Dick, Kerr 9
Rest of England 1
Played at Liverpool before 20,000 spectators. The so-called Rest of England team had been put together by the comedian Harry Weldon, and included two Scots.
Rest of England: Waine (St Helen's), MacPherson (Scotland), Gee (St Helen's), E Jones (Horrockses), Ransome (St Helen;s) Dickenson (Barrow), Swift (Sutton Oak), Batholomew (Southampton), Cennion (Cheshire), Leviconte (London), Walker (Scotland)
1921-02-19Dick, Kerr 2
St Helen's 1
Played at Wrexham Racecourse
1921-02-26Dick, Kerr 8
St Helen's 1
Played at Coventry City before 27,000 spectators, raising £1,622
1921-03-01Scottish XI 0
Dick, Kerr 9
Played at Celtic Park, Glasgow before 27,000 spectators.
1921-03-02Scottish XI 0
Dick, Kerr 13
Played at Tynecastle Park, Edinburgh, before 15,000 spectators, raising £800 for discharged ex-servicemen
scorers: Parr (4), Redford (4), Haslam(2), Harris (2), Mills
1921-03-05Cheshire 0
Dick, Kerr 12
Played at Cobridge, Stoke on Trent, before 10,000 spectators
scorers: Redford (4), Harris (3), Parr (2), Haslam, Wood, Walmsley
Dick, Kerr: A. Hastie, A. Kell (capt.), Clayton, A. Woods, J. Walmsley, L. Lee, F. Haslam, J. Harris, F. Redford, M. Walker, L. Parr
Cheshire: B. Shallcross, M. Forshaw, E. Spooner, G. Williams, E. Crawford, G. G. Jackson, G. Lunt, W. Mytrol, J. Bennion, N. Palin, E. Bridgett
(referred to as Staffordshire & Cheshire in the Lancashire Post)
1921-03-12Lancaster 0
Dick, Kerr 4
Played at Lancaster, raising £210 in aid of the local ex-servicemen's club.
scorers: Redford (2), Harris (2)
1921-03-19Yorkshire XI 1
Dick, Kerr 4
Played at the Hull Northern Union ground before 21,000 spectators, raising £1,160 for the Hull Unemployed Fund. Boxer Georges Carpentier formally kicked off.
scorers: Redford (2), Harris, Woods
1921-03-25Dick, Kerr 2
St Helen's 0
Played at Dudley before 25,000 spectators (Good Friday match)
scorers: Redford (pen), Harris
1921-03-28Dick, Kerr 3
Stoke on Trent 0
Played at Coventry before 4,000 spectators in aid of the Railway Orphanage
scorers: Redford (2), Harris
Wagg carried off in second half
1921-04-06Yorks and Lancs XI 0
Dick, Kerr 7
Played at Leeds United before 26,000 spectators, raising £1,700 for the Railway Benevolent Association
scorers: Mills (3), Harris (3), Redford
1921-04-07Stoke United Ladies 0
Dick Kerr 2
Played at the old recreation ground, Hanley before 13,000 spectators in aid of the North Staffordshire Infirmary
scorers: Redford, Harris
Stoke: Lily Brindley, Bertha Smith, Sarah Forshaw, Jenny Crawford, Doris Cooper, Ida Bridgett, Daisy Bates, Annie Smith, Hilda Durbar, Elsie Stanyer, Eva Bridgett
Dick Kerr: N. Hastie, A. Kell, D. Clayton, M. Walker, A. Woods, L. Lee, F. Haslam, J. Harris, F. Redford, A. Mills, L. Parr
(Parr and Durbar were sent off for fighting)
1921-04-09Lancaster 0
Dick, Kerr 5
Played at Standish in aid of the Euxton War Memorial
(each member of the Dick, Kerr forward line got one goal)
1921-04-13Lister's Ladies 0
Dick, Kerr 6
Played at Bradford before 15,000 spectators, raising £1,555 for unemployed ex-servicemen. Lister's Ladies were from Bradford
scorers: Redford (3), Harris (2), Haslam
1921-04-14Lister's Ladies 0
Dick, Kerr 7
Played at Rotherham before 18,000 spectators, raising £800 for unemployed ex-servicemen.
1921-04-16Edinburgh Ladies 1
Dick, Kerr 7
Played at Kilmarnock before 11,000 spectators.
1921-04-19Dick, Kerr 8
Ellesmere Port 0
Played at Gigg Lane, Bury before 22,000 spectators in aid of the Bury and Rawtenstall Football Clubs
1921-04-20Mrs Vizard's XI 0
Dick, Kerr 8
Played at Burnden Park, Bolton before 27,218 spectators in aid of the ex-servicemen of Bolton and District.
scorers: Parr (2), Mills, Redford (4)
Bolton Ladies: K. Knox, S. Ellison, P. Scott, P. Rawsthorne, D. Fernihough, K. Winterburn, P. Cradwell, M. Cousill, R. Silcock, N. Mitchell, E. Thornley
Dick, Kerr: A. Hastie, A. Kell, D. Clayton, M. Waller, A. Woods, L. Lee, F. Haslam, J. Harris, F. Redford, A. Mills, L. Parr
(Mrs Vizard was the wife of Ted Vizard, who made 467 appearances at outside-left for Bolton Wanderers)
1921-04-23Lancashire & Cheshire XI 0
Dick, Kerr 3
Played at New Brighton, raising £600 for the local infirmary
scorer: Redford (3)
1921-04-26Dick, Kerr 5
Fleetwood 0
Played at Spotland, Rochdale, before 12,000 spectators, raising £600 for the Rochdale Sunday Schools' League Injured Players' Fund and the Dick, Kerr Benevolent Fund.
1921-04-28Barrow 2
Dick Kerr 14
Played at Holker Street, Barrow before 18,000 spectators in aid of local YMCA and YWCA funds.
scorers: Redford (7), Harris 4, Parr (3) for Dick, Kerr; Wilkinson for Barrow
1921-05-04Dick Kerr 4
Huddersfield Atalanta 0
Played at Hillsborough, Sheffield, before 25,000 spectators.
Atalanta: N. Wilkinson, H. Clarke, L. Barraclough, M. Kenworthy, L. Mitchell, A. Stanley, N. Edgely, E. Whitwam, E. Steele, A. Beaumont, A. Copley
1921-05-05Hull 0
Dick, Kerr 2
Played at Anlaby Road (Hull City) before 10,000 spectators in aid of the local Children's Hospital
scorers: Dickinson, Redford
1921-05-11North East Coast 1
Dick, Kerr 3
Played at Ayresome Park in aid of the Middlesbrough Ex-Servicemen's Joint Council for the unemployed
scorers: Redford (2), Harris for Dick, Kerr; Smiles for the North East
1921-05-14Dick Kerr 3
Yorkshire XI 0
Played at Deepdale, Preston, in aid of the Comrades of the Great War.
scorers: Redford (2), Harris
Four members of the Yorkshire XI travelling from Hull were involved in a car accident on the way, but still turned out for the match.
1921-05-17Dick, Kerr 5
Fémina Sport, (Paris) 1
Played at Longton Park, Stoke before 15,000 spectators
scorers: Parr (5), Baldrocchi
Dick Kerr: A. Hastie, A. Kell, D. Clayton, D. Butterfield, A. Woods, L. Lee, F. Haslam, J. Harris, F. Redford, L. Parton, L. Parr
France: Lévêque, Guille, Gisclard, Rigal, Pomiès, Viani, Baldracchi, Bracquemond (cap), Laloz, Thomas, Jeanniot
1921-05-21Dick Kerr 11
Welsh XI 0
Played at Meadow lane, Nottingham
scorers: Redford (7), Mills (2), Harris (2)
Dick, Kerr: N Hastie, A Kell, D Clayton, A Crozier, A Wood, L Lee, F Haslam, J Harris, F Radford, A Mills, L Parr
Welsh XI: E Lamprey, P Thomas, J Evans, B Rouke, E Griffiths, P Prosser, R Arnold, N G Trow, A Guy, E Jones, L Lewis
1921-06-04Dick Kerr 8
Welsh XI 0
Played at the Crewe Alexandra ground. scorers: Redford (2), Mills (2), Harris (2), Haslam, Parr
(this was the last game of the 1920-21 season for Dick Kerr; the team had won 58 of their 59 matches)
1921-08-08Dick Kerr 5
St Helens 3
Played at Ramsey, Isle of Man
1921-08-10Dick Kerr 3
St Helens 0
Played at Port Erin, Isle of Man
1921-08-13Dick Kerr 4
St Helens 0
Played at Douglas, Isle of Man
1921-08-20Dick Kerr 9
Hey's Ladies 0
Played at Leeds before 15,000 spectators.
1921-08-25Dick Kerr 4
Coventry Ladies 0
Played at St Andrew's, Birmingham to raise funds for the Queen's Hospital and the Birmingham Boys' and Girls' Union.
1921-08-23Dick Kerr 4
Fleetwood 0
Played at Southport before 9,000 spectators in aid of the Mayor's Festubert Fund.
scorers: Harris, Redford (2), Parr
1921-08-29Dick Kerr 6
St Helens 1
Played at Thrum Hall, Halifax, raising £250 for the Halifax Ex-Servicemen's Club
1921-08-31Dick Kerr 3
Coventry 0
Played at Derby before 9,000 spectators.
scorers: Redford (2), Mills
Dick, Kerr: A Walker, A Kell (cap), D Clayton, C Pomies, A Woods, J Walmsley, F Haslam, J Harris, F Redford,A C Mills, L Parr
Coventry: S Sidwell, B Chambers, A Judd, L Lee, M Warren (cap), F Compton, F Edwards, L Brennan, E Bolton, E Owen, E Banack
1921-09-05Aberdeen Ladies XI 0
Dick Kerr 6
Played at Pittodrie, Aberdeen, before 16,000 spectators
scorers: Harris (2), Redford, Willis, Haslam, Parr
Aberdeen: Huggett, Wallace, McKay, Petrie, Forbes, D Low, J Lowe, Johnson, White, Leiper, Beighton
Dick, Kerr: Grice, Kell (cap), Clayton, Walmsley, Wood, Pomies, Haslam, Harries, Redford, Mills, Parr
1921-09-07Dundee Ladies XI 1
Dick Kerr 6
Played at Dens Park, Dundee
Dundee: M Stewart, N Welsh, N Thompson, P Smith, Martha Fegan, M Connelly, J Smith, V Jarvis, Mary Fegan, C Boath, L Welsh
Dick Kerr: A Grice, A Kell, D Clayton, C Pomies, A Woods, J Walmsley, F Haslam, J Harris, F Redford, A Mills, L Parr
scorers: Harris (2), Parr (2), Redford, Woods for Dick Kerr; V Jarvis for Dundee
1921-09-20Dick Kerr 2
Yorkshire XI 1
Played at Rochdale
1921-09-21Dick Kerr v
Welsh XI
Played at Bloomfield Road, Blackpool, raising £482 for the Shipwrecked Mariners' Society
1921-09-28Dick Kerr 5
South of England 0
Played at Ashton Gate (Bristol) before 4,000 spectators.
Dick Kerr: A Grice, A Kell, D Clayton, C Pomies, A Woods, J Walmsley, F Haslam, J Harris, F Redford, A Mills, L Parr
South of England: E Lamprey (Bath & Swansea), L Warren (Reading), C Rawlings (Bath), D Rice (Swindon), D Harrison (Bath - Capt), M Harrison (Bath), H Cross, P Cross (Warminster), M Clapp (Bath), L Bowsner (Reading), L Williams (Swindon)
1921-10-03Huddersfield Atalanta 0
Dick Kerr 10
Played at Leeds Road, Huddersfield before 1,800 spectators, raising £110 (gross) for the Cinderella Society.
scorers: F. Redford (5), L. Lee (3), L. Parr (2)
1921-10-05Dick Kerr 12
Scarborough Ladies 0
Played at Scarborough
1921-10-08Dick Kerr 16
Horrocks 0
Played at Ormskirk
1921-10-13Dick Kerr 11
Farnworth Ladies 0
Played at Warrington before 4,000 spectators, in aid of the British Legion of Comrades
1921-10-18Dick Kerr 10
Farnworth Ladies 0
Played at Southport
1921-10-19Dick Kerr 4
Hey's Ladies 1
Played at Valley Parade, Bradford before 2,000 spectators in aid of the Bradford Motor Lifeboat Fund
1921-11-05Dick Kerr 2
Hey's Ladies 0
Played at Skipton
1921-11-23Dick Kerr 13
Lyons (London) Ladies 0
Played at Hyde Road (Manchester City), raising £539 for the Lord Mayor of Manchester's fund for the town of Mézières in France.
scorers: Redford (9), Harris (3), Parr
(Alice Kell retired hurt with a broken wrist when the score was 5-0)
(Charleville-Mézières, between Reims and Sedan, suffered greatly during WW1 and its hospital was completely destroyed. A new hospital was built with assistance from the citizens of Manchester, and is still called Manchester Hospital today, on the Avenue de Manchester)
1921-12-26Dick, Kerr 3
Fleetwood 1
Played at Ashton Park, Preston before 3,000 spectators, raising £120 for the Preston Poor Children's Clog Fund
scorers: Parr (2), Radford, Walmsley (og) for Fleetwood
1921-12-27Dick Kerr v
St Helen's
Scheduled to be played at New Brighton


1922-01-07Dick Kerr 1
Hey's Brewery 1
Played at Belle Vue, Wakefield (Trinity Rugby ground) before 3,000 spectators, raising £200 for the Clayton Hospital
scorers: Florrie Redford for Dick Kerr; E. Jackson for Hey's
('Tiny' Emmerson, outside-left for Hey's was carried off midway through the second half)
1922-02-18Hey's Brewery 4
Dick, Kerr 4
Played at Bradford
Lucy Bromage of Doncaster played for Hey's and scored one of the goals.
1922-03-22Dick Kerr 3
Olympique de Paris 0
Played at Cardiff before 15,000 spectators, raising £655 for charity
scorers: Jeannie Harris (2), Florrie Redford (pen)
1922-03-25Dick, Kerr 4
Olympique de Paris 0
Played at Ashton Park, Preston before 3,000 spectators, raising £111 for charity
scorers: Lily Parr (3), Jeannie Harris
Dick Kerr: Mason, Kell, Lee, Walmsley, Woods, Clayton, Haslam , Harris, Redford, Mills, Parr
Olympique: Mlle G. Lalor, Mme Gourard-Morris, Mlles Duman, Burat, Guery, Renaud-Kubuch, T. H. Lalor, S. Guery, M. Lalor, Bigot
1922-03-27Dick Kerr 4
Olympique de Paris 0
Played at the Stanley Athletic grounds, Liverpool before 2,000 spectators in aid of the Rheims Cathedral Rebuilding Fund and the Liverpool Child Welfare Association's Milk Supply Fund
scorers: Redford (3), Mills
1922-03-30Dick Kerr 5
French XI 1
Played at Hyde. (French XI presumably Olympique)
1922-09-24Dick Kerr 3
Paterson Silk Sox 6
Played at Olympic, Park, Clifton, New Jersey before 5,000 spectators
(the opposing team was comprised of men)
1922-09-30Dick Kerr 4
J & P Coats 4
Played at Lonsdale Avenue, Pawtucket, Rhode Island before 8,500 spectators
Dick Kerr: Carmen Pomiès, Alice Kell, D. Clayton, L. Lee, A. Woods, J. Walmsley, F. Haslam, J. Harris, F. Redford, H. Graham, Lillie Parr
Coats (male team): Knowles, Stevenson, Ferguson, Lappin, Neilson, Brookes, Gallagher, Morley, McAvoy, Reid, Fleming
scorers: Redford (2), Harris, Parr for Dick Kerr; Reid, Fleming (2), Gallagher for Coats
1922-10-01Dick Kerr 5
Centro-Hispano 7
Played at New York City
(the opposing team was comprised of men)
1922-10-04Dick Kerr 4
Washington Stars 4
Played at Washington DC
(the opposing team was comprised of men)
1922-10-11Dick Kerr 5
New Bedford Whalers 4
Played at New Bedford, MA
(the opposing team was comprised of men)
1922-10-14Dick Kerr 8
New York FC 4
Played at New York City
(the opposing team was comprised of men)
1922-10-15Dick Kerr 2
Fall River Marksmen 2
Played at Fall River, MA
(the opposing team was comprised of men)
1922-10-22Dick Kerr 4
Baltimore Soccer Club 3
Played at Baltimore
(the opposing team was comprised of men)

Miscellaneous Games

1923-06-13Dick Kerr v
The Rest of the UK
Played at Squires Gate, Blackpool
1923-09-22Dick Kerr 0
Stoke Ladies 1
Played at Colne Cricket Ground before 6,000 spectators
scorer: Daisy Bates
1923-12-21Dick Kerr 5
Hey's Ladies 1
Floodlit match played at Turf Moor, Burnley before 1,200 - 1,500 spectators, in aid of the Burnley Cricket Club.
1925-05-11Dick Kerr 4
Fémina 3
Played at Herne Hill before 3,000 spectators
(this and subsequent games of the 1925 tour were billed as England v France)
1925-05-12Dick Kerr 3
Fémina 2
Played at Padiham, near Burnley.
1925-05-14Dick Kerr 4
Fémina 1
Played at Mellor, near Blackburn.
1925-05-16Dick Kerr 2
Fémina 2
Played at the MAC ground, Fallowfield, Manchester.
1925-05-18Dick Kerr 1
Fémina 2
Played at Hyde.
1925-05-20Dick Kerr 2
Fémina 1
Played at Rugby Park, Kilmarnock, before 2,000 spectators, in aid of the Shipwrecked Mariners' Society.
1932-12-08Lovell's Ladies 0
Dick Kerr 5
Played at Newport Rugby ground before 7,000 spectators, under floodlight
1933-08-13Dick Kerr 6
Fémina Paris 3
Played at Harrogate
1934-08-06Dick Kerr 1
Atalanta Brussels 2
Played at Bolton as part of the Royal Lancashire Show before 10,000 spectators
(Dick Kerr billed as Preston Ladies)
1935-08-01Dick Kerr 2
French XI 1
Played at West Ham in aid of the British Empire Cancer Fund.
1935-08-10Dick Kerr 2
French XI 0
Played at Liverpool.
1937-09-08Dick Kerr 5
Edinburgh Ladies 1
Played at Squires Gate for the Championship of the World
1950-07-22Dick Kerr 3
French XI 1
Played at Bolton
1950-08-12Dick Kerr 1
Scotland 1
Played at Carlisle
1952-07-16England v
Played at Odsal Stadium, Bradford
(The Dick, Kerr team represented England)
1952-07-23England v
Played at Carlisle Rugby Field, Warwick Road, in aid of the Carlisle United Buildings Appeal
England (Dick, Kerr): June Gregson, Betty Sharples, Muriel Heaney, Jean Dent, Nancy Thompson, Stella Briggs, Joan Whalley, Joan Burke, Doreen Richards, Jean Lane, Yvonne Hamer
France: Yvette Cadillac, Malou Gravier, Nicholo Cauthier, Andree Marlcourt, Raymonde Daniele, Colette Bernard, Therese Esteve, Jacqueline Verdier, Rosette Huard, Paule Daniale, Susanne Contesse
1953-06-02Dick Kerr v
Manchester Ladies
Played at Leeds as part of the Coronation celebrations
1953-07-23England v
Played at Belle Vue Speedway Stadium in aid of the Order of St. John
England (Dick, Kerr): June Gregson, Mary Goodenson, Betty Sharples, Joan Burke, Nancy Thomson, Stella Briggs (capt.), Edna Broughton, Audrey Coupe, Jean Lane, Joan Clay, Yvonne Hamer
France: Jacqueline Verdier, Yvette Cadillac, Arlette Regnard, Jacqueline Gillard, Raymonde Daniele, Andree Maricourt, Suzanne Contesse, Marcelle Semerdy, Huard Janette, Paulette Daniele, Ketty Nauroy
1962-09-09Dick Kerr v
Oldham Ladies
Scheduled to be played at Christopher Park, Wigan in aid of the Wigan and Leigh Society for the Blind.
Originally scheduled to be played at Wigan Rovers but banned by the FA
(Dick Kerr billed as Preston Ladies)
1965-08-21Dick Kerr 4
Handy Angles 0
Dick Kerr's last game (they played only 3 games this season, all against Handy Angles, and drew 4-4, won 5-1 in the first two)

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